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Release notes


Compatible with VS 2019 v16.7.+

  • Fixed changed Visual Studio API compatibility issues
  • Fixed performance issues during writing in bindings
  • Fixed Quick Info in bindings


Compatible with VS 2019 v16.6.4+

  • Fixed configuration loading issue
  • Fixed Master Page template issue


Compatible with VS 2019 v16.6.4+

  • Improved DotVVM configuration loading
  • DotHTML Editor - Quick Info fixed
  • DotHTML Editor - Suggested Actions improvements
  • Improved performance of loading dothtml files
  • Stability improvements - Updated Visual Studio APIs to latest versions
  • Updated DotVVM Templates - new design of welcome page
  • Improved dialogs for actions "Extract Hard-Coded Texts in RESX Files" and "Extract User Control Feature"


Compatible with VS 2019 v16.5.4+

  • IntelliSense for Bindings fixes
  • DotHTML Editor - fixed formating issues
  • Stability improvements - Updated Visual Studio APIs to latest versions
  • Improved design time resolving of controls
  • Updated DotVVM Templates


Compatible with VS 2019 v16.4.2+

  • Fixed IntelliSense for DotVVM 2.4.0
  • Stability improvements


Compatible with VS 2017 v15.8.0+

  • Fixed DotVVM configuration deserialization problems


  • Fixed Proxy server authentication via NTLM
  • BusinessPack sample project updated to version 2.0.0-preview11-final
  • Azure AD authentication sample
  • Stability improvements


  • Added new section "DotVVM for Visual Studio" in Tool -> Options.
  • Added new section "Proxy settings" to "DotVVM for Visual Studio" in Options window.
  • Updated all templates to DotVVM 2.0
  • Some fixes in IntelliSense - REST bindings support


  • Visual Studio failed to load when a project was opened from sln directly.
  • Added support for _index, _collection, _page, _api


  • Deadlock during controls resolving fixed.
  • Fixed IntelliSense in element Columns of GridView.


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