DotVVM: MVVM Apps in ASP.NET Core

There are many web sites with complicated user interface: hundreds of grids, complex forms with many fields and modal dialogs and stuff like that. MVVM is a great pattern to build these experiences easily. In this session, I'll talk about an OPEN SOURCE framework called DotVVM which lets you build MVVM applications for ASP.NET Core easily and without writing tons of Javascript. You will see how DotVVM works, what's in the background and I'll be showing features like validation, SPAs and more.

Speaker: Tomas Herceg
Event: Get.NET Gdansk 2017

DotVVM: "Javascript Apps With No Javascript"

Writing line-of-business apps in Angular or Knockout using ASP.NET Web API is quite modern these days. However, you have to learn many new libraries, you have to understand advanced javascript techniques and soon, you'll discover that most of the JS code only calls the API or transfers the data from one place to another. In this session we'll look at open source framework dotVVM. This framework allows to generate most of the javascript code for you. You only have to write UI in HTML and ViewModel in C# and you can take advantage of many other features DotVVM offers - validation, user controls or SPA generation.

Speaker: Tomas Herceg
Event: .NET Developer Days Warsaw 2015

DotVVM Coffee 01 - Master Pages

In most web apps, you need all pages to share the header, menu, and footer. DotVVM supports a mechanism called Master Pages. If you are familiar with ASP.NET Web Forms, the concept of master pages is exactly the same.

DotVVM Coffee 02 - Value Bindings

One of the most useful things in DotVVM is the data binding. The magic of writing "rich client-side apps" without using JavaScript is the ability of DotVVM to translate binding expressions to JavaScript.

DotVVM Coffee 03 - Commands

Let's have a quick look at the command binding that allows you to call a method in the ViewModel on the server.

DotVVM Coffee 04 - Repeater

Do you need to display a list of items? The Repeater control is used to render an item template for each item of data source collection.

DotVVM Coffee 05 - Validation

DotVVM supports the Model Validation mechanism known from other ASP.NET technologies, like MVC, Web API or Web Forms. You can validate either the whole ViewModel or specific child object.

DotVVM Coffee 06 - Markup Controls

Markup controls are just a piece of reusable DOTHTML markup which you can put in its own file and use it from anywhere. Moreover, you can take this ready-made control and use it in another project.

DotVVM Coffee 07 - ComboBox

Let's have a quick look at DotVVM ComboBox control that helps you take advantage of the HTML dropdown lists easily.

DotVVM Coffee 08 - GridView

Did you know that DotVVM has a multi-purpose grid control with advanced binding, templating and sorting options? Take a break and learn more!

DotVVM Coffee 09 - FileUpload

It has never been easier! Take advantage of the FileUpload control and allow users to upload one or multiple files asynchronously.

DotVVM Coffee 10 - Postback Handlers

Do you need to create a confirmation dialog? This is a perfect situation to use the feature called postback handler.