Bundling and Minification

In DotVVM, each control in the page can request some resources (scripts and stylesheets) to be added in the head or body elements. When the page HTML is rendered, DotVVM takes all such resources, sorts them so all their dependencies are met, and then adds the script and link elements in the page.

To extend this mechanism, the DotvvmConfiguration object allows you to register custom objects which implement the IResourceProcessor interface. These objects can perform additional actions with the collection of resources that will be rendered.


This can be used e.g. for bundling. You can bundle several resources in one file and configure DotVVM to include the bundle in the page instead of including the individual resources. You can use the BundlingResourceProcessor class for this.

Please note that this class doesn't do the bundling automatically. You need to combine the script files or stylesheets yourself and register it as a new resource, which you specify in the bundle registration.

var bundling = new BundlingResourceProcessor();
bundling.RegisterBundle(dotvvmConfiguration.Resources.FindNamedResource("myBundle"), "script1", "script2");

For example, if any control requests the script1 resource, DotVVM will insert the entire bundle in the page instead of the individual script1 resource file.


Currently, DotVVM doesn't help with minification of resources. However, you can write your own IResourceProcessor that will replace debug resources with the minified ones when running in the production environment.

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