Markup Control Registration

To be able to use custom markup controls, you need to register them in the DotvvmStartup.cs file.

The registration of a markup control looks like this:

config.Markup.AddMarkupControl("cc", "AddressEditor", "Controls/AddressEditor.dotcontrol");

We have registered the Controls/AddressEditor.dotcontrol control under a tag name <cc:AddressEditor>.

If you use DotVVM for Visual Studio, you need to rebuild the project after registering the control, otherwise the IntelliSense won't display the control in the suggestion list.

Using the Markup Control

We have registered our control with the cc tag prefix and AddressEditor name, so we can just write this:

    <legend>Billing Address</legend>
    <cc:AddressEditor DataContext="{value: BillingAddress}" />
    <legend>Delivery Address</legend>
    <cc:AddressEditor DataContext="{value: DeliveryAddress}" />

Note that both objects BillingAddress and DeliveryAddress must implement the IAddress interface. If they don't, DotVVM will show an error page.

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