Built-in Controls

Currently, DotVVM contains about 25 built-in controls. For more information, read the Built-in Control Reference.

Built-in Controls


  • Button - button or input[type=button] that triggers a postback
  • ComboBox - standard HTML select with advanced binding options
  • CheckBox - standard HTML input[type=checkbox]
  • FileUpload - renders a stylable file upload control with progress indication
  • HtmlLiteral - renders a HTML content in the page
  • LinkButton - a hyperlink that triggers the postback
  • ListBox - standard HTML select[multiple]
  • Literal - renders a text in the page, supports date and number formatting
  • RadioButton - standard HTML input[type=radio]
  • RouteLink - renders a hyperlink that navigates to a specified route with specified parameters
  • TextBox - HTML input or textarea



  • DataPager - displays a list of pages in the grid
  • GridView - displays a table grid with sort and inline edit functionality
  • Repeater - repeats a template for each item in the collection
  • EmptyData - displays a content when a collection is empty

Master Pages

  • Content - defines a content that is hosted in ContentPlaceHolder
  • ContentPlaceHolder - defines a place where the content page is hosted
  • SpaContentPlaceHolder - a ContentPlaceHolder which works as a Single Page Application container

Conditional Views

  • AuthenticatedView - displays some content to the authenticated users only
  • ClaimView - displays some content if the current user has a particular claim
  • EnvironmentView - displays some content in a particular environment (e.g. Debug, Production)
  • RoleView - displays some content if the current user is in a particular role


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