Server-side styles

Server-side styles lets you set properties or attributes of particular controls across the entire application.

The server-side styles are defined as part of configuration in the DotvvmStartup.cs file.

Register style for a control or element

You can manage the styles using the StyleRepository object, which can be accessed from DotvvmConfiguration.

To register the style, you need to specify the type of the control, or use a parameter with tag name of HTML element:

// Modify all controls derived from ButtonBase

// Modify all HTML elements with tag name input

If you register the style by specifying the tag name, the behavior of DotVVM controls which use such elements internally will not be modified.

Conditional rules

It is also possible to set a condition under which the styles will be applied. To do that, use Register(Func<StyleMatchContext, bool>).

// This will hide every control derived from ButtonBase that does not have the Click property
config.Styles.Register<ButtonBase>(b => !b.HasProperty(ButtonBase.ClickProperty), allowDerived: true)
  .SetAttribute("style", "display:none;", StyleOverrideOptions.Overwrite);

The styles are applied during the compilation of a view. The StyleMatchContext has methods for checking data contexts, ancestors, and other properties of the object. You can even check whether the view the object is included in is in a specific directory:

config.Styles.Register<GridView>(c => c.HasAncestor<Repeater>() &&
    c.HasDataContext<AccountInfo>() && c.HasViewInDirectory("~/Views/Logs/"))
  .SetDotvvmProperty(GridView.VisibleProperty, StyleOverrideOptions.Ignore);

Define the style properties

The Register method returns an instance of StyleBuilder that lets you modify the control. You can set default values of attributes and properties, or override them completely. These method calls can also be chained.

// This will change the class on all buttons that do not have any
  .SetAttribute("class", "single-class");

//this will overwrite class of all textboxes
  .SetAttribute("class", "overwritten", StyleOverrideOptions.Overwrite);

//this will append class of all literals
  .SetAttribute("class", "appended", StyleOverrideOptions.Append);

//this will overwrite the text of all buttons
  .SetDotvvmProperty(Button.TextProperty, "Button");

The SetAttribute method has the default value of StyleOverrideOptions.Ignore, while the SetDotvvmProperty method has StyleOverrideOptions.Overwrite. The StyleOverrideOptions.Append is allowed only for attributes which supports multiple values, such as class or style, or for properties of a collection type (for example, the PostBack.Handlers attached property).

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