Create pages and controls

The DotVVM Command-Line tool can create new pages, master pages, or markup controls in ASP.NET Core projects.

Creating pages, master pages, and controls is supported only in ASP.NET Core projects using the new project system. For .NET Framework projects, we recommend using Visual Studio.

Common syntax

All creation commands have the following structure:

dotnet dotvvm add [<target>] <kind> [options] <name>
  • [<target>] - an optional path to the DotVVM project where a new item should be created. If left unspecified, the current working directory is used.
  • <kind> - the kind of the item being added.
  • [options] - options specific to the kind of item being added. See sections below for details.
  • <name> - the name of the item being added.

Add a page or a Master page


dotnet dotvvm add [<target>] page [options] <name>
dotnet dotvvm add [<target>] master [options] <name>


  • -m, --master <master> - the @master page of the new page.
  • -d, --directory <directory> - the directory where the new page is to be placed [default: Views/].

Add a ViewModel


dotnet dotvvm add [<target>] viewmodel [options] <name>


  • -d, --directory <directory> - the directory where the new ViewModel is to be placed [default: ViewModels/].
  • -b, --base <base> - the base class of the ViewModel.

Add a Markup control


dotnet dotvvm add [<target>] control [options] <name>


  • -d, --directory <directory> - the directory where the new control is to be placed [default: Controls/].
  • -c, --code-behind - creates a C# code-behind class for the control.


  1. Create the Views/Site.dotmaster master page:
dotnet dotvvm add master Site
  1. Create the Views/Page1.dothtml page and embed it in the Views/Site.dotmaster:
dotnet dotvvm add page -m Site Page1
  1. Create the Controls/MyControl.dotcontrol user control with the code behind file:
dotnet dotvvm add control -c Controls/MyControl.dotcontrol

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