Use resources in pages

To include the specific resource in the page, you can use the RequiredResource control.

<dot:RequiredResource Name="bootstrap" />

The control doesn't render anything, and can be used on any place in the page.

By default, DotVVM places stylesheet resource in the head section, and the script resource at the end of the body element.

The exact order of the resources is guided by the Dependencies and RenderPosition properties of each resource specified during the resource registration.

Request a resource from a control

Any control can request a resource to be included in the page. For example, if you add the FileUpload control in the page, the control will call context.ResourceManager.AddRequiredResource() method to indicate that it needs the dotvvm.fileUpload-css resource.

If you set the FormatString property on a TextBox, it will request the globalization resource for the culture of the HTTP request.

When a page is about to be rendered, the resource manager will put all required resources together, sort them to satisfy all dependency constraints, and render them in the page in correct order.

If you are building custom controls, you can use context.ResourceManager.AddRequiredResource to request any resource.

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