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Sample: Migrate Web Forms app to DotVVM

C# version | VB.NET version

This sample project shows the individual steps that are needed to migrate an old ASP.NET application to the latest version of .NET using DotVVM.

Explore all branches in the repository:

  • 01_webforms - this branch shows an initial ASP.NET Web Forms application.
  • 02_install_dotvvm - this branch shows how the project looks like after DotVVM was installed.
  • 03_migration_in_progress - this branch shows the application in the process of migration: some pages have already been migrated to DotVVM while the rest of them still uses ASP.NET Web Forms.
  • 04_migration_complete - this branch shows the application where all the pages are already migrated to DotVVM, but the project still uses .NET Framework.
  • 05_dotnetcore - this branch shows the changes made to the project file in order to switch the project to .NET Core.

Videos showing the modernization

A longer version of the .NET Conf 2020 interview where the process of modernization is demonstrated:

A step-by-step guide from a .NET Conf 2019 session:

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