in namespace DotVVM.Framework.Controls

Renders a template supplied by a resource binding or from a runtime.

Usage & Scenarios

This control allows to host a template (an ITemplate object) and build its contents using this template.

The control is not meant to be used in DotHTML markup - it helps the control developers to place template inside another controls at a later time.

public class MyMenu : CompositeControl
    public static DotvvmControl GetContents(
        // please note that appropriate DataContextChange attributes need to be applied here as the template is used inside Repeater
        ITemplate itemTemplate,
        return new Repeater()
            .SetProperty(r => r.ItemTemplate, new DelegateTemplate(serviceProvider => 
                new HtmlGenericControl("li")
                    .AppendChildren(new TemplateHost(itemTemplate))

See also


Name Type Description Notes Default Value
property icon Template ITemplate Gets or sets the template that will be rendered inside this control.
inner element
static value

HTML produced by the control