Flex Attached Property

Bootstrap for DotVVM allows you to use the Flex attached property on any HTML element. Adding the Flex attached property automatically adds different CSS flex utility classes.


Each property can be set for All or individual screens.

  • Flex.Mode|All|XXLarge|XLarge|Large|Medium|Small - Gets or sets whether the flex is enabled on the element.
  • Flex.Direction|All|XXLarge|XLarge|Large|Medium|Small - Gets or sets the flex direction on the element.
  • Flex.Order|All|XXLarge|XLarge|Large|Medium|Small - Gets or sets the order in a flex container. Allowed values are 0 to 5, "first" and "last", or any custom values in case of customized Bootstrap CSS.
  • Flex.JustifyContent|All|XXLarge|XLarge|Large|Medium|Small - Gets or sets the justify content value.
  • Flex.AlignItems|All|XXLarge|XLarge|Large|Medium|Small - Gets or sets the align items value.
  • Flex.AlignContent|All|XXLarge|XLarge|Large|Medium|Small - Gets or sets the align content value.
  • Flex.AlignSelf|All|XXLarge|XLarge|Large|Medium|Small - Gets or sets the align self value for all sizes.
  • Flex.Fill|All|XXLarge|XLarge|Large|Medium|Small - Gets or sets whether the element should take all available space.
  • Flex.Wrap|All|XXLarge|XLarge|Large|Medium|Small - Gets or sets the flex wrap value.