Release notes


New features

  • New DotVVM.BusinessPack.Messaging package which provides a simple way to push notifications from the server into the page. See MessagingConnection for more info.
  • New DotVVM.BusinessPack.AutoUI package which extends Auto UI with Business Pack controls
  • Support for CSS layers (can be turned in options when calling AddBusinessPack)
  • Support for including a bundle with Business Pack scripts and styles instead of chunks (can be turned in options when calling AddBusinessPack)
  • DropDownButton - added Opened property
  • NumericUpDown - added ButtonPlacement property
  • GridView - support for localization in filter values
  • GridView - filters are supported when a simple expression is used on the column value, e. g. SomeDate.ToBrowserLocalTime()
  • TreeView - performance improvements for expanding larger trees
  • TreeView - added ExpandOnChecked property

Package updates

  • DotVVM upgraded to 4.2


Bug fixes

  • Fixed ComboBox provider in DotVVM Dynamic Data providers.


Bug fixes

  • MultiSelect control doesn't remove values which are not found in the DataSource property. This helps to use the control in cases when the data source is loaded lazily (e. g. when using REST API bindings).
  • ComboBox control works correctly when its DataSource contains multiple items with the same display text (provided by ItemTextBinding). Previously, the control changed the selected value to the first entry with matching text when it lost the focus.


New features

  • The CSS rules of Business Pack are now contained within the dotvvm-business-pack and dotvvm-theme CSS layers.

Package updates

  • DotVVM upgraded to 4.1


Bug fixes

  • Changed hover effect on CheckBox and RadioButton controls in the Bootstrap 4 theme.
  • Fixed GridView and FilterBuilder filtering condition for NotEquals on string properties


Bug fixes

  • Changed hover effect on CheckBox and RadioButton controls in the Enterprise theme.


Bug fixes

  • Changed CSS styles for CheckBoxList control to use CSS grid - it should now better position multiple boxes with labels of varying sizes.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed the overlay under the RangeSlider control with non-zero Minimum values.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed the overlay under the ModalDialog control.
  • Fixed the frozen headers feature (the FixedHeaderRow property) in the GridView control.
  • Fixed the NuGet package publish issue in DotVVM.BusinessPack.Messaging - the tsconfig.json and package.json files are not linked to the project any more.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed the appearance of filter controls hosted in the GridView header row (rounded corners) in the Bootstrap theme.
  • Fixed the appearance of CheckBox and RadioButton controls in the Bootstrap theme.


Bug fixes

  • Cleanup and tiny fixes in CSS styles.


Bug fixes

  • Cleanup and tiny fixes in CSS styles.
  • Fixed the appearance of the DropDownList control in the Bootstrap theme.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed Bootstrap theme which wasn't loading correctly in all cases.


New features

  • Support for DotVVM 4.0 branch of the framework.
  • The CSS layer was rewritten to use CSS variables. See the [themes/customize](Customize Business Pack Theme) for more information.
  • The underlying library for producing Excel files has changed to ClosedXML.
  • New API for exporting data into Excel was introduced. See [exporting-data](Exporting data) for more information.
  • There is a new Messenger control contained in a separate NuGet package DotVVM.BusinessPack.Messaging. This control allows to easily call commands in the client's page from the server. Internally, this component uses the ASP.NET Core SignalR library.

Package updates

  • DotVVM upgraded to 4.0


New controls

  • RichTextBox
  • ImageCrop

New features

  • New styling possibilities through CSS variables
  • Extended GridView export to Excel to support data types and extensibility
  • Property TabIndex made bindable on most controls

Changes to existing controls


  • NewItemAdded event added to be used with the AllowNewItems property


  • Outline property added for outline style


  • Wrapped in <div> tag