Release notes


Bug fixes

  • Fixed the overlay under the ModalDialog control.
  • Fixed the frozen headers feature (the FixedHeaderRow property) in the GridView control.
  • Fixed the NuGet package publish issue in DotVVM.BusinessPack.Messaging - the tsconfig.json and package.json files are not linked to the project any more.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed the appearance of filter controls hosted in the GridView header row (rounded corners) in the Bootstrap theme.
  • Fixed the appearance of CheckBox and RadioButton controls in the Bootstrap theme.


Bug fixes

  • Cleanup and tiny fixes in CSS styles.


Bug fixes

  • Cleanup and tiny fixes in CSS styles.
  • Fixed the appearance of the DropDownList control in the Bootstrap theme.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed Bootstrap theme which wasn't loading correctly in all cases.


New features

  • Support for DotVVM 4.0 branch of the framework.
  • The CSS layer was rewritten to use CSS variables. See the [themes/customize](Customize Business Pack Theme) for more information.
  • The underlying library for producing Excel files has changed to ClosedXML.
  • New API for exporting data into Excel was introduced. See [exporting-data](Exporting data) for more information.
  • There is a new Messenger control contained in a separate NuGet package DotVVM.BusinessPack.Messaging. This control allows to easily call commands in the client's page from the server. Internally, this component uses the ASP.NET Core SignalR library.


New controls

  • RichTextBox
  • ImageCrop

New features

  • New styling possibilities through CSS variables
  • Extended GridView export to Excel to support data types and extensibility
  • Property TabIndex made bindable on most controls

Changes to existing controls


  • NewItemAdded event added to be used with the AllowNewItems property


  • Outline property added for outline style


  • Wrapped in <div> tag