Business Pack themes overview

The DotVVM Business Pack ships wit two built-in themes you can use in your application:

  • Enterprise theme is optimized for business applications with large and complicated forms where you need to utilize space efficiently. The controls don't use rounded corners and their margins are quite small so many fields can fit on the screen. You can see how the controls look like in DotVVM Business Pack Gallery.

  • Bootstrap4 theme is emulating the look & feel from the Bootstrap 4 library so the controls can be used together with Bootstrap widgets and design elements.

Starting with the version 4, DotVVM Business Pack doesn't support Internet Explorer.

Choosing the theme

By default, the Enterprise theme is selected when you add the following line to your DotvvmStartup.cs:

public void ConfigureServices(IDotvvmServiceCollection options)
    options.AddBusinessPack();      // Enterprise is the default theme

If you want to switch to the Bootstrap 4 theme, change the line to this:

options.AddBusinessPack(theme: BusinessPackTheme.Bootstrap4);

The Boostrap4 theme doesn't require Bootstrap 4 CSS files to be present in the application - all controls are still using the Business Pack CSS styles and the Bootstrap 4 look & feel is just emulated.

Customize the theme

DotVVM Business Pack is using CSS variables to allow easy customization of visual appearance of the controls.

See the Customize Business Pack theme section for more information.

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