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Name Type Description

Usage & Scenarios

Allows to display different content to users who have a specific claim.

HTML Rendered by the Control

The control renders the contents of the HasClaimTemplate or HasNotClaimTemplate property. Optionally you can enable wrapper tag rendering using the RenderWrapperTag property. The tag name can be changed using the WrapperTagName property.

    <!-- Contents of the HasClaimTemplate or HasNotClaimTemplate -->

Sample 1: ClaimView

The Claim property specifies the type of claim the user must have.

The Values property optionally contains a comma-separated list of accepted values. If it is missing, all values are accepted.

The HasClaimTemplate defines the content displayed to the users who have the Claim with at least one of accepted values.

The HasNotClaimTemplate defines the content displayed to other users.

By default, the control is hidden completely to the users who are not authenticated. If you want to display the HasNotClaimTemplate even to the anonymous users, set the HideForAnonymousUsers property to false.

<dot:ClaimView Claim="Permission" Values="CanAddUsers" HideForAnonymousUsers="false">
        I can add new users.
        I can't add new users.


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