Get DotVVM for Visual Studio Enjoy the best web development experience with IntelliSense

Visual Studio 2019 and 2017

To install, open the Manage Extensions menu in Visual Studio and search for DotVVM.

Visual Studio Code

The support for Visual Studio Code is limited - only syntax highlightin and a basic IntelliSense is supported.
To install, search for DotVVM in the Extensions menu.

Visual Studio Marketplace

Linux, Mac OS X (Command Line)

DotVVM integrates with dotnet new template engine. Run the following commands in your favorite shell:

dotnet new --install DotVVM.Templates
dotnet tool install DotVVM.CommandLine -g

mkdir YourAwesomeProject
cd YourAwesomeProject
dotnet new dotvvm

Want to try before you install? Visit DotVVM Academy and try DotVVM in the browser!