Open Source .NET-based Framework for Web Apps

MVVM is a great pattern for web apps with complicated user interfaces and interactive forms.

There is no need to write tons of JavaScript code, build REST APIs, deal with AJAX requests, serialization, date formats etc.

ViewModel = C#

public class ContactFormViewModel
    public string Name { get; set; }
    public string Email { get; set; }

    public string Submit ()
        ContactService.Submit(Name, Email);

View = HTML

<div class="form-control">
   <dot:TextBox Text="{value: Name}" /> 
<div class="form-control">
   <dot:TextBox Text="{value: Email}" /> 
<div class="button-bar">
   <dot:Button Text="Submit"
      Click="{command: Submit()}" /> 

With DotVVM, you only have to write a viewmodel in C# and a view in HTML.
The rest is taken care of.

Open Source Framework

Clean & Styleable HTML

Many Built-in Controls

Free Extension for Visual Studio

Rapid App Development

.NET 4.5.1 and .NET Core Support



Visual Studio Extension

Our free extension for Visual Studio 2015 gives you everything you need to develop an app in DotVVM.

You'll get syntax highlighting, IntelliSense, DotVVM project templates and more.

We also have a commercial version with even more amazing features such as full IntelliSense in data-bindings, design-time error checking and refactoring support.

Install DotVVM for Visual Studio 2015

Powerful Controls

DotVVM includes more than 20 built-in controls. All controls support data-binding, and render clean, CSS-styleable HTML code for modern web browsers.

You can build your own controls and reuse them accross multiple projects.

<bs:ModalDialog IsDisplayed="{value: IsModalVisible}" HeaderText="My Modal Dialog"> 
    <bs:Button Type="Primary" Text="Save" Click="{command: Save()}" /> 

You can also buy Bootstrap for DotVVM, a set of controls which wrap all Bootstrap components and widgets. They support data-binding and integrate nicely with DotVVM validation. They will help you build modern-looking app really quickly.

Get Bootstrap For DotVVM

Easy To Learn

You don't have to learn dozen of javascript libraries, frameworks and tools to build a modern web app. DotVVM takes care of the UI, data-binding, client-server communication, validation, localization, date & number formatting and other things.

It uses Knockout JS on the background and includes less than 50 kB of javascript code which you don't have to write. You only need to learn HTML, CSS and C#.

Read Documentation

Testable and Well Documented

The MVVM pattern allows you to test the viewmodel classes. We also have many tutorials and samples for all controls and features in DotVVM.

Browse Control Reference

Classic .NET or .NET Core? We Support Both!

You don't have to worry about the future. DotVVM supports both .NET 4.5.1 and .NET Core. You can upgrade to .NET Core or go back at any time, with almost no changes in your code.

DotVVM also supports Mono, and can be self-hosted on IoT devices such as Raspberry PI.

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Open Source & Supported

DotVVM is open source, you can submit issues and send pull requests on GitHub. We also offer the commercial support which includes priority bug fixing, early access to a newer version and forum support in case you get into trouble.

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