Business Pack

Unleash your developer power with a suite of controls carefully designed for use
in enterprise line of business web apps.

Don't reinvent the wheel. Just use these controls to get
first-class support of data-binding, validation and IntelliSense.

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AutoComplete and ComboBox

Let the users select from collections using AutoComplete or ComboBox. These controls can be bound to collections in the viewmodel, or utilize server-side search if the collection would be large.

<bp:AutoComplete DataSource="{value: Countries}"
                 Text="{value: Country1}" />

<bp:ComboBox DataSource="{value: Countries}"
             SelectedValue="{value: Country2}" />

Form Controls

Select dates, numbers or choose ranges using wide variety of advanced form controls. All controls support validation and other commonly requested features.

<bp:DatePicker SelectedDate="{value: PublishDate}" />

<bp:MultiSelect DataSource="{value: HashTags}"
                SelectedValues="{value: SelectedHashTags}" />

<bp:NumericUpDown Value="{value: NumberOfPosts}"
                  MaxValue="30" />

<bp:RangeSlider SelectedMinValue="{value: MinPrice}"
                SelectedMaxValue="{value: MaxPrice}"
                MaxValue="100000" />

<p>{{value: MinPrice.ToString("c0")}}
    - {{value: MaxPrice.ToString("c0")}}</p>

GridView and DataPager

Presenting data has never been easier. The Business Pack grid and pager controls support server-side sorting, paging, custom filtering, or features like inline editing.

<bp:GridView DataSource="{value: Customers}">
    <bp:GridViewTextColumn HeaderText="Name" 
                           Value="{value: Name}" 
                           AllowFiltering />
    <bp:GridViewTextColumn HeaderText="Region" 
                           Value="{value: Region}" 
                           AllowFiltering />
    <bp:GridViewTextColumn HeaderText="Created" 
                           Value="{value: CreatedOn}" 
                           FormatString="d" />
    <bp:GridViewTextColumn HeaderText="Credit" 
                           Value="{value: CreditAmount}" 
                           FormatString="c" />
<bp:DataPager DataSet="{value: Customers}" />


Allow selection of multiple items in row or tiles selection mode with the ListView control. Define your custom templates for complex items.

<bp:ListView DataSource="{value: Fruit}"
             SelectedValues="{value: SelectedFruit}">
        <img src="{value: "/img/"+ ImageName + ".png"}"
                 alt="{value: Name}" />
        {{value: _this}}


Display hierarchical data conveniently with the TreeView control.

<bp:TreeView DataSource="{value: Files}"
             SelectedValues="{value: SelectedFiles}"
             ItemKeyBinding="{value: Name}"
             ItemHasChildrenBinding="{value: HasItems}"
             ItemChildrenBinding="{value: Items}">
        <div>{{value: Name}}</div>

Modal Dialogs

Declare ModalDialog and control it just by switching a boolean property.

<bp:Button Text="Show Dialog" 
           Click="{staticCommand: Dialog = true}" />

<bp:ModalDialog HeaderText="Confirmation" 
                IsDisplayed="{value: Dialog}">
        <p>Do you really want to delete the item?</p>
        <bp:Button Text="Delete" 
                   Click="{staticCommand: Dialog = false}" />


  • The DotVVM Business Pack license is perpetual and includes 12 months of new features and updates since the date of purchase. The license can be renewed with a 25% discount.
  • The product is licensed on per-developer basis. Every team member who is actively working with a project that uses DotVVM Business Pack must have a license.
  • Continuous integration, build servers, test, staging and production deployments do not need to have a separate license - an account of any developer can be used on CI/build servers to restore the NuGet packages.
  • The product is distributed as a NuGet package using DotVVM Private NuGet Feed.
  • The license is valid for any software project the purchasing party owns, develops or participate on.