DotVVM for Visual Studio

Enjoy great developer experience in your DotVVM projects with your favorite IDE!

DotVVM trees
DotVVM for Visual Studio Free free $0
DotVVM for Visual Studio Pro with subscription $189/year
Project & Item Templates
  • DotVVM + ASP.NET Core project
  • DotVVM + OWIN project
  • Create page & viewmodel
  • Create master page & viewmodel
  • Create markup control
Code Editor
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Code formatting
  • Code snippets
  • Quick info
  • Real-time error checking
  • Page directives
  • Control names
  • Control properties
  • Data-binding expressions
  • Route names & params
  • Resource names
  • Go to viewmodel (F7)
  • Go to page (Shift-F7)
  • Go to definition (F12)
  • Control documentation (F1)
Refactorings & Code Fixes
  • Add DotVVM to Web Forms app
  • Manage DotVVM packages
  • Generate viewmodel property
  • Generate viewmodel method
  • Move text to RESX file
  • Extract DotVVM control
  • Change HTML tag to DotVVM control
  • Convert script to DotVVM resource
  • Generate GridView columns
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Visual Studio Intellisense

IntelliSense in DotVVM files

DotVVM for Visual Studio provides IntelliSense in .dothtml files in all editions of Visual Studio 2022 and 2019.

The free version of the extension offers basic IntelliSense for DotVVM controls and page directives.

With subscription, you can enjoy full IntelliSense on other places:

  • data-binding expressions
  • route names
  • resources

DotVVM - Create new project

Create DotVVM app in seconds

The extension comes with two project templates:

  • DotVVM with ASP.NET Core (.NET Core)
  • DotVVM with OWIN (.NET Framework)

It takes just a few clicks to start your next project.

One Step View Model and Page Creation

Create page & viewmodel at once

Create a page and the corresponding viewmodel together in one simple step.

Code Formatting

Code coloring & formatting

The HTML editor in Visual Studio understands the syntax of DotVVM.

All features including code formatting will work as you expect.

DotVVM - Quick Info

Quick info

The tooltips appear when you hover any directive, binding, element or any other item in the code.

With subscription, you can use F12 to jump to the definition.

Design-time Error Checking

Real-time error checking SUBSCRIPTION ONLY

We believe that error checking when you type is one of the most valuable features we have added to the DotVVM for Visual Studio. It helped us immensely on our projects.

The extension automatically checks your DotVVM markup, highlights errors, and displays more information about the error on hover.

Switch to Code/Markup

Navigate between Code and Markup SUBSCRIPTION ONLY

When developing a web application using the DotVVM, you quickly realize that you spend a lot of time going back and forth between the views and corresponding viewmodels.

Now you can use F7 and Shift-F7 to switch from the markup to the code and back.


  • The free edition of DotVVM for Visual Studio is available to everyone for both commercial and non-commercial use.
  • To unlock all features, you need to purchase a subscription. The subscription can be renewed with a 25% discount.
  • After the subscription expires, the product will downgrade to the free version automatically. You can renew the subscription at any time.
  • The subscription works on a per-developer basis. Every team member who is actively using any of the DotVVM for Visual Studio paid features must have their own subscription.
  • To activate the subscription, navigate to the Extensions > DotVVM > About menu in Visual Studio, and enter your DotVVM account credentials.