Build new ASP.NET web apps with ready-made components
and great Visual Studio integration

DotVVM lets you build interactive web UIs with just C# and HTML using the MVVM approach

DotVVM simplifies creating line of business web apps, and ships with many built-in controls like GridView, FileUpload, Validator, and more.

  • Open source, member of the .NET Foundation
  • Supports ASP.NET Core and OWIN
  • Distributed via NuGet
  • MVVM pattern with just C# and HTML
  • More than 30 built-in controls
  • Free extension for Visual Studio
  • Easy to learn for every .NET developer

Plenty of features & Seamless integration with the .NET ecosystem

It's free, but we also have commercial extensions!

DotVVM framework is open source and will always be free to use. It's developed under Apache license.

There are also free extensions for Visual Studio and VS Code available.

If you plan to use DotVVM on a large application, check out our commercial components - they can help you with getting even more productive!

.NET Foundation

The DotVVM project is supported by the .NET Foundation.