Build new ASP.NET
web apps with ready-made components and great
Visual Studio integration

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DotVVM lets you build interactive web UIs with just C# and HTML using the MVVM approach.

Great for Line of business web apps

Most business applications work with data grids and complex editing UIs.
Creating such experiences using MVVM is fast and straight-forward.

Components, validation, SPAs, and more!

DotVVM is a mature framework for rapid app development. It integrates with the ASP.NET ecosystem, and ships with more than 30 built-in controls like GridView, FileUpload and more!

Seamless data access

Most client-side frameworks need some API to access data from the browser.
DotVVM saves a lot of time by providing a seamless way to transfer viewmodels between server and the browser.

Visual Studio extension

DotVVM uses a different syntax than ASP.NET MVC, but there is a free extension for Visual Studio which gives you IntelliSense, syntax highlighting and more!

Build your application with DotVVM


What's the difference between DotVVM and Razor Pages? They are using MVVM too.

Razor Pages also use MVVM approach, but all the experience is done on the server. If the user interacts with the page, the page data are sent to the server and a new HTML is returned.

DotVVM is using Knockout JS library to do the MVVM experience in the browser. Most of the user interactions can be handled without involving the server, and if DotVVM needs to call the server, it is using AJAX so the page doesn't reload.

Do I need to learn JavaScript to use DotVVM?

No. Knowing just HTML and C# is enough to use DotVVM. DotVVM will do all the JavaScript "magic" for you.

However, if you take the web development seriously, we think that you should learn JavaScript eventually. You'll be able to achive much more – from using third-party components to extending DotVVM with custom behaviors.

Is DotVVM free?

Yes! DotVVM is an open-source project developed under the Apache 2.0 License, and is supported by the .NET Foundation. There is also a free extension for Visual Studio.

In order to make the DotVVM project sustainable, we also offer commercial products built on top of DotVVM. If you plan to use DotVVM for a larger project, make sure to check them out – they can save a lot of time.

I am still using .NET Framework and old ASP.NET. Is there an upgrade path?

Yes! DotVVM works with the new ASP.NET Core as well as with old ASP.NET.

If you are using ASP.NET Web Forms, you can install DotVVM in the project and start building new pages using the DotVVM syntax. You can even use DotVVM to modernize legacy ASP.NET applications.

Not sure if DotVVM is the best good choice for you?

We'll be happy to talk with you and see whether DotVVM can help in your scenario.