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Crafted for DotVVM

All Business Pack controls were designed to work with the DotVVM framework in the first place. They are compatible with DotVVM data-bindings, they support validation, localization and all other features you are used to. And of course, thanks to DotVVM for Visual Studio, you will get the best IntelliSense experience.

Designed with care

DotVVM Business Pack controls were designed work well together and we made sure that they behave consistently, they don't interfere with other DotVVM components, and even if you place a DateTimePicker inside a TabControl in a ModalDialog, they work as you expect.

Great Customization and Graphic Themes

DotVVM Business Pack provides a great deal of customization of control look and feel. We have also prepared several nice looking ready-made themes including a Bootstrap-compatible Theme which looks great together with Bootstrap.

Free Theme Editor

Although there are several graphic themes available for the Business Pack, we didn't stop there. We have created a powerful Theme Editor as well. You can edit any of our themes or build your own one.

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And much more on the road ahead

Development of DotVVM and DotVVM Business Pack never ends for us. We have a lot of new features and improvements in our backlog, and even if you purchase DotVVM Business Pack now, you will get them as soon as we release them. Every license of DotVVM Business Pack is perpetual and includes 12 months of updates.