DotVVM for Visual Studio

Improve your development experience with the DOTVVM for Visual Studio (Free)

We love our open source community and we know that good .NET framework needs to be as comfortable to use as possible. Our free extension contains all the fundamental tools you need to use the DotVVM in your next project. We have included basic IntelliSense for all DotVVM controls and properties, easy navigation for DotVVM help pages, code formatting, Quick Info hints, DotVVM Project Templates and One Step ViewModel and Page creation.

Improve your development experience with the DOTVVM for Visual Studio Free

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We have built robust a IntelliSense for both Free and Professional editions of DotVVM Visual Studio.

The Free version offers IntelliSense at the most important places:

  • all DotVVM controls and their properties (including custom controls)
  • page directives


With the DotVVM extension, you can quickly access the information about all DotVVM controls. Press F1 and the documentation of the control will open in your web browser.

Quick Info

The Quick Info tooltips appear when you hover any directive, binding, element or any other item in the code.

DotVVM Project Templates

The extension comes with project templates for the following environments:

  • .NET Framework and OWIN (the old ASP.NET)
  • .NET Core and ASP.NET Core libraries (for all platforms)
  • .NET Framework and ASP.NET Core libraries (the conservative way)

Code Formatting

The HTML editor in Visual Studio understands DotVVM controls. The code formatting will work smoothly in DotVVM pages.

One-Step Page and ViewModel Creation

Create View and its ViewModel together in one simple step. Just enter a name and the path to the new file.

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DotVVM Project Template
Free Updates and New Features
Navigation to Docs (F1)
Project Creation Wizard
One-Step Page and ViewModel Creation
Quick Info
Code Formatting
IntelliSense for Page Directives
IntelliSense for Control Names
IntelliSense for Control Properties
IntelliSense for Route Names and Parameters
IntelliSense for Resources
IntelliSense for Data-Binding Expressions
Rename Support
Switch to Code / Markup (F7)
Navigate to Defitinion (F12)
Design-time Error Checking
Bootstrap Glyph Preview
Extract Hard-Coded Texts in RESX Files coming soon
Diagnostics Tools coming soon
Extract User Control Feature coming soon
Precompilation of Pages coming soon coming soon