DotVVM for Visual Studio

Don't leave your favorite IDE and get the best tooling for Line of Business web apps.

DotVVM supports Visual Studio 2015 and Visual Studio 2017 including the Community Edition.

We have put all our experience in creating better tools for professional developers. With DotVVM for Visual Studio, you'll get advanced IntelliSense for DotVVM files, DotVVM project templates, design-time error checking, refactoring support and more.

The extension supports Visual Studio 2015 and 2017 including the Community Edition.

Features & Editions

Feature Free Edition Commercial Edition
Visual Studio 2015 Support
DotVVM Project Template
IntelliSense for Page Directives
IntelliSense for Control Names
IntelliSense for Control Properties
Create a Page & a ViewModel in One Step
Rename Support
IntelliSense for Route Names and Parameters
IntelliSense for Resources
IntelliSense for Data-Bindings
Design-time Error Checking
Precompilation of Pages coming soon
Auto-extract Hard-coded Texts in RESX Files coming soon
Diagnostics Tools coming soon
Extract User Control Feature coming soon
Free Updates and New Features
Support Forum coming soon coming soon
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Create Pages Faster Than Ever

You need only a few clicks to create a DotVVM web site for .NET 4.5.1 or .NET Core. In a few seconds, you can create DotVVM pages together with their viewmodels, master pages or markup controls.

Design-Time Error Checking

Made a typo or forgot something? The commercial version of DotVVM for Visual Studio will let you know immediately. You won't need to spend hours by clicking in your web app to discover silly typos and mistakes any more.

Smart HTML Completion

The HTML completion understands the code rendered by DotVVM controls. For example, it suggests li inside the Repeater control when it is set to render the ul tag.

IntelliSense for All Controls

DotVVM for Visual Studio adds the IntelliSense for DotVVM controls and properties and integrates smoothly with the Visual Studio built-in HTML editor completion. It works for all controls including third-party libraries and custom controls you have created.

DotVVM for Visual Studio extends the built-in HTML editor in Visual Studio, so you don't lose any feature delivered by another extensions.

Don't Get Lost with IntelliSense for Directives

The IntelliSense also works for page directives, like @viewModel or @masterPage. You'll get a list of available classes for the @viewModel directive, and a list of .dotmaster files for the @masterPage directive.

IntelliSense For Binding Expressions

The best feature of the commercial version is the IntelliSense for data-bindings. You don't have to remember names of properties in your viewmodels. The completion is clever and works even inside Repeater or with the DataContext property.

If you rename something in the viewmodel, the data-bindings in views will be updated too.

IntelliSense for Routes, Resources and more

The IntelliSense works even for routes. If you specify RouteName="MyRoute" and if the route has parameters, you'll also get the IntelliSense for names of those parameters (e.g. Param-Id=""). There are many other places where you might need the IntelliSense. It is here for you to help.

Other Features

View & ViewModel Navigation

If you are in the view, press F7 to navigate to the corresponding viewmodel. If you are in the viewmodel, press Shift+F7 to navigate to the corresponding view.

Go To Definition

Place your cursor on the binding and use F12 to navigate to the corresponding property in the viewmodel. It also works for controls and properties, which is really useful when you create your own controls.

Help Everywhere

Place the cursor on a DotVVM control and press F1. It opens a web browser and displays the control documentation page.

Updates Are Coming...

We have many plans and ideas to make the extension even better. We'll update it regularly and bring you stunning new features.

  Install – Visual Studio 2015   Install – Visual Studio 2017

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