Improve your development experience with the DOTVVM for Visual Studio Professional

We have been using DotVVM to develop dozens of enterprise web applications and we got a lot of feedback from our own developers. That's why we have built a professional Visual Studio extension and now we are offering it to all DotVVM developers around the world. DotVVM for Visual Studio Professional contains all the features included in the Free version in addition to more professional tools such as full IntelliSense, Design-time Error Checking, easy navigation between code and markup, Go To Definition feature and more.

Get the best web development experience with the DOTVVM for Visual Studio Professional

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Full Visual Studio IntelliSense

We have extended our free IntelliSense with IntelliSense for data-binding expressions, route names, route parameters and resource names.

You can now focus on the important and don't copy-paste names of functions or properties.

Switch between Code and Markup

When developing a web application using the DotVVM, you quickly realize that you spend a lot of time going back and forth between the views and corresponding viewmodels.

Now you can use F7 and Shift-F7 to switch from the markup to the code and back.

Navigate to Defitinion

With this feature, we aim to help you with navigation in the project. Pressing F12 will find the definition of a specific symbol in the data-binding expression.

This works also for directives, DotVVM controls and their properties.

Design-time Error Checking

We believe that error checking at design time is one of the most valuable features we have added to the DotVVM for Visual Studio Professional and it helped us immensely.

The extension automatically checks your DotVVM markup, highlights errors and displays more information about the error on hover.

Bootstrap Glyph Preview

For those using Bootstrap for DotVVM, we have included special feature: IntelliSense for Glyph Icons with previews.

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Products Comparsion

Features Free Professional
Support for Visual Studio 2015 and 2017
DotVVM Project Template
Free Updates and New Features
Navigation to Docs (F1)
Project Creation Wizard
One-Step Page and ViewModel Creation
Quick Info
Code Formatting
IntelliSense for Page Directives
IntelliSense for Control Names
IntelliSense for Control Properties
IntelliSense for Route Names and Parameters
IntelliSense for Resources
IntelliSense for Data-Binding Expressions
Rename Support
Switch to Code / Markup (F7)
Navigate to Defitinion (F12)
Design-time Error Checking
Bootstrap Glyph Preview
Extract Hard-Coded Texts in RESX Files comming soon
Diagnostics Tools comming soon
Extract User Control Feature comming soon
Precompilation of Pages comming soon comming soon
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