Cleaner markup with Bootstrap for DOTVVM

Use your favorite front-end framework with DotVVM in a nice and efficient way.

Bootstrap for DotVVM contains more than 40 controls for all Bootstrap design elements and widgets.

These controls support DotVVM data bindings and make the usage of Bootstrap easier thanks to a shorter and cleaner syntax.

Full IntelliSense in Visual Studio

You don't remember the correct hierarchy of div elements and their CSS classes to build a Bootstrap modal dialog? Neither do we.

However, DotVVM for Visual Studio recognizes these controls and provides IntelliSense for them.

DotVVM Data-Binding Support

All controls were built to work well with DotVVM data-bindings, validation, localization and other DotVVM features.

Improved Bootstrap Syntax

When we were creating our Bootstrap controls, we have also made many improvements to make Bootstrap syntax more comfortable to use.

We have shortened the code for most of the Bootstrap controls and made the features discoverable easily.

Forms Made Easily

Bootstrap comes with nice styles for all form controls, but you need to write a lot of code. Bootstrap for DotVVM comes with specialized form controls that significantly reduces the amount of code you need to write.