Bootstrap for DotVVM

Build your DotVVM Line-of-Business web apps with the right set of controls.

Bootstrap 3 is one of the most popular frameworks for web development which lets you build nice-looking apps easily and quickly.

With Bootstrap for DotVVM, you'll be even more productive. You'll get more than 45 controls which wrap all Bootstrap components and widgets, with IntelliSense and data-binding support. You'll write much less code and you won't need to remember all those CSS classes.

Only $29 per developer

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Code Faster and More Efficiently

Many widgets in Bootstrap are quite large pieces of nested <div> elements with CSS classes which is hard to remember. Most of the time you need to copy the code from the documentation.

DotVVM for Bootstrap will render the HTML for you and allow you to configure the widget using much shorter syntax with powerful IntelliSense.

Build Forms Rapidly

We have fine-tuned controls for building forms so you can create many forms in very short time. Don't mess up with the control-label or form-control CSS classes.

Our FormGroup control will help you to build your forms and it integrates with DotVVM validation smoothly.

Data-Binding Support

Present your data quickly. All DotVVM for Bootstrap controls support data-binding to viewmodel properties, respond to changes in the data and work nicely with core DotVVM features.

More Than Bootstrap

There are plenty of Bootstrap plugins, for example the date and time picker control. But how many of them support the exact date format you need? How many don't mess up the timezone? Is it better to transfer the date to the server as a UTC date, or as a string?

Actually, it doesn't matter. Bootstrap for DotVVM contains the DateTimePicker control which works consistently with .NET cultures and DotVVM validation.

Bootstrap for DotVVM Features

More Than 40 Bootstrap Components
Additional Controls Compatible with Bootstrap
IntelliSense Everywhere
Data-Binding Support
Free Updates for 12 Months Since Purchase
Support Forum coming soon
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