Cleaner markup with Bootstrap for DOTVVM

Use your favourite front end framework with the DotVVM in nice and more efficient way. Bootstrap for DotVVM contains more than 40 Bootstrap Controls that we wrapped in DotVVM syntax.

This no only enables the Bootstrap to work with DotVVM data bindings, but also makes Bootstrap code cleaner and much shorter.

DotVVM Ready Data Bindings

All Bootstrap controls are wrapped up and improved with data bindings and other customization features to be fully compatible with the DotVVM.

Full Bootstrap Intellisense for Visual Studio

Get even more comfortable with the Bootstrap for DotVVM! Bootstrap Components might get quite complex with the code and all the variable names and such That's why we implemented Intellisense for Bootstrap to make our and your life easier.

Improved Bootstrap Syntax

When we were creating our Bootstrap wrappers, we have also made some usability improvements to make Bootstrap more comfortable to use and we have shortened the Bootstrap code as well.

Forms and Other Advanced Controls

We have also fine-tuned the controls that build forms so now you can save many lines of boiler-plate code and write only the use case that is really necessary.