Announcing: DotVVM Campus Ambassador Program

Published: 2/12/2020 3:20:00 PM

DotVVM Campus Ambassador Program

DotVVM is an open source web framework built on ASP.NET technology. It is a modern and better alternative to ASP.NET WebForms. DotVVM is an MVVM framework that helps especially with web applications with complicated UI: lots of complex forms with dozens of fields and interactivity. Modal dialogs, multi-step wizards, lots of grids with data, sorting, paging.

We’re looking for someone committed to learning around .NET . Our commitment to Campus Ambassador is that we will do our best to keep you engaged and learning, this is not grunted work, it’s deep participation that matters to the organization and to the work we do.

You’ll need to consistently commit a ~3 hours a week to help analyze your campus and raise the voice that needs prompt attention. This will be a volunteer run initiative which inspires students to become developer The very fabulous volunteer who takes on this task will get mentoring on building apps. For sure this is a unique opportunity for current college students to gain valuable experience in leading transformational DotVVVM programs in their colleges.

Here is the “official” call for help, come get in on the excitement with us


● Are familiar and interested in .NET and DotVVM.

● Want to learn (or already know) how to identify emerging developers and students, and using meetup as a platform.

● Have worked around .NET, or are extremely enthusiastic about learning and evangelizing in your city, we are especially looking for people from tier 2 onwards.

● Can demonstrate facility with public communications, do you blog, tweet, conduct meetups and have a presence online with an audience from your city.

● Will be part of the team that drives what goes on to the DotVVM Academy

● Learn to coordinate across functional teams (design, social media, copy editing, logistics)

● Have an opportunity to develop & work with us to improve existing features and build your portfolio/resume

● Can commit to at least 4 months (longer is even better) of regular participation – this will benefit you by giving you time to really get hands-on experience and understanding

● Have Energy with innovative ideas to improve the engagements


● Mentor and guide your learning in .NET and DotVVM

● Teach you how to introduce DotVM and work with issues and develop your intuition and decision-making skills.

● Exclusive access time with DotVVM foundation: meetups, Conferences – access other functional teams – get real world experience in how to work cross-functionally.

● Provide work references about how awesome you are

● DotVVM swag

Other benefits of joining

● The selected Campus Ambassadors will be the official DotVVM evangelists in their respective colleges.

● Each Campus Ambassador will be the proud owner of an official DotVVM T-shirt. Every month, one Campus Ambassador will be chosen as the “Ambassador of the month” and will be featured on the DotVVM blog.

● All super active campus ambassadors will be awarded super cool rewards.

For any queries reach out to us at [email protected]

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Igor Drgonec

I am project manager in RIGANTI, small software development company in Czech Republic. Also leading and coordinating DotVVM Developer Advocate program.

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