Released DotVVM 2.4

by Tomáš Herceg | December 28, 2019

Today, we have released the version 2.4 of the DotVVM framework, Bootstrap for DotVVM and DotVVM Business Pack.

DotVVM and .NET Conf 2019

by Igor Drgonec | September 19, 2019

Join .NET Conf 2019 – a FREE, 3 day virtual developer event co-organized by the .NET community and Microsoft. This year .NET Core 3.0 will launch at .NET Conf 2019! Come to celebrate the release of .NET Core 3.0 and learn about what it brings to the table along with DotVVM!

Bootstrap 4 for DotVVM Final Version Released

by Tomáš Herceg | March 06, 2019

It has been a few months since we released the preview of Bootstrap 4 for DotVVM, a popular library that simplifies the syntax of Bootstrap widgets, brings data-binding support, and integrates with the rest of DotVVM platform.

Announcing DotVVM 2.1

by Tomáš Herceg | January 28, 2019

Few days ago, we have published a stable release of DotVVM 2.1 on the official NuGet feed. It is mostly performance & bug fix release, but a few new features made into this version as well.

Bootstrap 4 for DotVVM: Cheat Sheet

by Michal Tichý | November 09, 2018

So, you have upgraded to the new Bootstrap 4 for DotVVM and now Visual Studio is spitting errors all over the place?

Preview of Bootstrap 4 for DotVVM Is Here!

by Michal Tichý | September 12, 2018

The long-awaited version 4.0 of Bootstrap – the most popular CSS framework – has shipped at the beginning of this year, with some new widgets and features. A lot of changes were also made under the hood. Migration to flexbox and improved grid system now allows easy positioning and alignment. New colors should simplify to customize the appearance of Bootstrap applications.

Announcing DotVVM 2.0.2

by Tomáš Herceg | September 02, 2018

Yesterday, we have released a bug fix release of DotVVM 2.0.2. It addresses several issues reported by the community or discovered by us.

.NET Conf 2018 - Save the date!

by Tomáš Herceg | August 17, 2018

Join a .NET Conf 2018 - a free, community event for .NET developers around the world with live streamed tech talks, online discussion, and local in-person events!

Visual Studio 2017 and DotVVM 1.1 is here!

by Tomáš Herceg | March 07, 2017

Microsoft launches Visual Studio 2017 today, with a lot of new features and final .NET Core support. We have several great announcements too.

DotVVM 1.1 RC Released

by Tomáš Herceg | December 27, 2016

We have just released DotVVM 1.1 RC package on the official NuGet feed. It is a feature complete version with .NET Core support and several new features. Currently, we are working on the documentation which is not updated yet.