Announcing DotVVM 2.5 Preview 2

by Tomáš Herceg | August 23, 2020

Today we have released a public preview of DotVVM 2.5. Originally, we intended to release it much earlier, but we got a couple of feature requests and bug reports that we wanted to include in 2.5.

Free workshop: Modernize your Web Forms app using DotVVM

by Tomáš Herceg | May 24, 2020

DotVVM offers a unique upgrade path to .NET Core for ASP.NET Web Forms developers. It allows you to integrate DotVVM framework into a Web Forms app, take ASPX pages one by one and convert them into DotHTML syntax, without the need to rewrite the business layer or build an API that would expose the data for the client-side code.

Videos from DotVVM Virtual Conference

by Tomáš Herceg | May 24, 2020

The sessions from our first virtual conference are published on our DotVVM YouTube channel.

Meet Developer Advocates

by Igor Drgonec | March 26, 2020

We are glad to bring you more information about DotVVM Developer Advocates. We asked each developer advocate to write a short paragraph about himself and now you can get to know all of them.

Released DotVVM 2.4

by Tomáš Herceg | December 28, 2019

Today, we have released the version 2.4 of the DotVVM framework, Bootstrap for DotVVM and DotVVM Business Pack.

Released DotVVM 2.3.3 with an important bug fix

by Tomáš Herceg | November 04, 2019

We have just released DotVVM 2.3.3 which fixes a significant bug in DotVVM error page.

DotVVM 2.4.0-preview01 with support for .NET Core 3.0

by Tomáš Herceg | September 20, 2019

Few days ago, we have published the first public preview of DotVVM 2.4.0. In contrast to previous releases which contained mostly fixes or small improvements, this time we have introduced several larger features into the version 2.4, and because they need extensive testing on real-world applications, they will be treated as experimental for some time. After version 2.4, we plan to focus on DotVVM 3.0 which should have these large features production-ready.

DotVVM and .NET Conf 2019

by Igor Drgonec | September 19, 2019

Join .NET Conf 2019 – a FREE, 3 day virtual developer event co-organized by the .NET community and Microsoft. This year .NET Core 3.0 will launch at .NET Conf 2019! Come to celebrate the release of .NET Core 3.0 and learn about what it brings to the table along with DotVVM!