Which component package will work for me?

by Tomáš Herceg | May 20, 2024

Quite frequently, we get asked by new DotVVM users which commercial component packages they should purchase – if they need both, which one contains all components, and so on.

Released DotVVM 4.2

by Tomáš Herceg | November 12, 2023

We are happy to announce the release of DotVVM 4.2 which brings many important improvements, and prepares the ground for DotVVM 5.0 which we’ve already started working on.

Announcing Preview 7 of DotVVM 4.2.0

by Tomáš Herceg | October 07, 2023

We’ve just published a new public preview of DotVVM 4.2 with a version tag 4.2.0-preview07-final. This version is available for all packages: open-source DotVVM framework, DotVVM Contrib controls, Bootstrap for DotVVM, and DotVVM Business Pack. All these packages are compatible with each other and have been tested together.

Released DotVVM 4.1

by Tomáš Herceg | February 06, 2023

After 8 months, we are thrilled to announce the release of DotVVM 4.1. The release contains the new DotVVM Auto UI library, numerous improvements and bug fixes, and a bunch of improvements of Composite controls which allowed us to create a brand new implementation of Bootstrap for DotVVM for Bootstrap 5.

Released DotVVM 2.4

by Tomáš Herceg | December 28, 2019

Today, we have released the version 2.4 of the DotVVM framework, Bootstrap for DotVVM and DotVVM Business Pack.

Announcing DotVVM and Business Pack 2.3.0

by Tomáš Herceg | June 25, 2019

You may have noticed that DotVVM 2.3.0 appeared on NuGet few days ago. This was an important milestone for us as we have published the first stable release of DotVVM Business Pack.

Announcing DotVVM 2.1

by Tomáš Herceg | January 28, 2019

Few days ago, we have published a stable release of DotVVM 2.1 on the official NuGet feed. It is mostly performance & bug fix release, but a few new features made into this version as well.

Developer Story: Architecture behind the Business Pack

by Dušan Janošík | October 26, 2017

Hello, my name is Dušan. I’ve been working at RIGANTI s.r.o. for more than year now and I am the lead developer of the Business Pack project. It’s a set of professional UI controls for the DotVVM Framework that makes building business applications very easy. I will give you an insight into the architecture behind it.

Developer Story: Quest to conquer the DateTime selection

by Michal Tichý | October 19, 2017

Hi, my name is Michal and I must confess something to you. I am obsessed with calendars and time selection tools. This obsession started more than a year ago when I was given the task of creating DateTime controls for our new Business Pack set of controls. This task seemed to be quite easy and straightforward, the web is full of different calendar controls so it should have been just a matter of choosing some good ones and creating similar controls for DotVVM. Task for a week at maximum. But there was a catch.

Developer Story: Exploring DotVVM Ecosystem

by Tomas Jurasek | September 21, 2017

Hi, I’m Tomáš and I’m a .NET Developer at Riganti s.r.o. At the company, I have been working mostly on commercial projects that we build with the DotVVM Framework. I had my first experience with DotVVM when it was still in alpha. Sometimes it was not comfortable at all to use and we have often discussed many things with the DotVVM team to improve usage of the framework. Every iteration of the framework was better than the previous one and we were happy that we could use it more comfortably. At this point in time, we had no documentation as well, but it wasn't a big deal because learning the framework was quite easy and fast.  Nowadays it‘s even easier to learn than before because there is a lot of learning materials like videos, samples and documentation. We have a Github repositories, where we have a few samples, that show you, for example, the DotVVM integration with other technologies or some other examples.  You can always start learning from our interactive DotVVM Academy as well.