Part 1: Have you tried the new composite controls?

by Tomáš Herceg | August 05, 2022

DotVVM 4.0 has introduced a new way of building custom controls called Composite controls. In this article, we’ll share multiple use cases for these controls, and also some useful tips and tricks how to use this concept efficiently.

Videos from DotVVM Virtual Conference

by Tomáš Herceg | May 24, 2020

The sessions from our first virtual conference are published on our DotVVM YouTube channel.

Save the date of DotVVM Virtual Conference: April 29-30

by Tomáš Herceg | April 10, 2020

Interested in building web apps in .NET using an MVVM approach? Don't miss out on our first live-streamed conference!

Join the DotVVM Team on a Virtual Meetup

by Tomáš Herceg | April 07, 2020

We are happy to announce our first Virtual Meetup and invite you to join the discussion with the DotVVM Team.

Have you met DotVVM Contrib controls?

by Michal Tichý | August 13, 2019

All DotVVM users are probably familiar with Bootstrap for DotVVM and DotVVM BusinessPack. Those easy-to-use controls are a big part of why we think of DotVVM as an easy to learn & use framework. But did you know that those two control packs have a little sibling? Let me introduce you to DotVVM Contrib controls - collection of free and open-source controls developed and maintained by our community.

Modernizing ASP.NET Web Forms applications with DotVVM

by Tomáš Herceg | July 18, 2019

DotVVM can be used to something else than just building new web apps using the MVVM approach. Thanks to its support of both old ASP.NET and new ASP.NET Core stacks, it can be an amazing tool which helps to modernize old web sites to use .NET Core.

Announcing DotVVM Adapters for ASP.NET Web Forms

by Tomáš Herceg | July 08, 2018

Today, we have released a first preview of  DotVVM.Adapters.WebForms package to the official NuGet. This package provides a basic support for hosting DotVVM pages in old ASP.NET Web Forms applications.

The power of REST API bindings

by Tomáš Herceg | April 30, 2018

The release of DotVVM 2.0 is very close and we have spent last few months by testing DotVVM 2.0 in real projects to make sure the migration process is smooth.