Developer Story: Dotvvm Coffee One Evening Idea

Published: 11/16/2017 12:54:00 PM

Have you seen any DotVVM Coffee video yet? Did you wonder how and why this video series even started? I’ll be pleased to tell you more about my experience and work on these short episodes about the DotVVM framework.

My name is Martin, and I’m a university student and proud member of the Riganti team. I’ve joined company about a year ago and since then I worked on multiple products and projects. My passion is developing various C# applications. As always, I do my best to create precise, suitable, and polished products for our customers.


If I’m supposed to tell you more about how the DotVVM Coffee video series started, I should mention a quick opinion of my own. At the time when I started working for Riganti, I was familiar with Windows development, best-practices and patterns recommended by Microsoft. Therefore, it was super easy to switch and start developing website applications in the DotVVM. After a year of experience with the DotVVM framework, I think it has a lot to offer to any web developer. It helps you to write well-structured and manageable applications in C# language. Moreover, I have some experience with PHP and ASP.NET MVC applications and neither one them were as easy to learn as writing apps with the DotVVM framework.

I am happy to work with the company full of great and dedicated developers, however, it seems we are always struggling in marketing and sales. The DotVVM is quite popular in the Czech Republic, mostly due to many influencers that speak on almost every technology conference. Anyway, we did not succeed in creating any promotional video that could spread around the world. Maybe I'm too critical, but I think that our spoken English does not sound quite well for marketing purposes. Obviously, this thing bothered me, and I was thinking a lot how could I help my company with this issue. I’ve seen we have published a few recordings from conferences, but it usually lasts for an hour or more, so it is not something that you would like to watch anytime.

Fortunately, one long evening I came to an idea of creating quick teasers of some features that DotVVM offers. Teasers that will take you only a minute, teasers that you can watch over your coffee time, teasers that could increase your interest in the DotVVM framework. Immediately, I tried to do some and sent it to colleagues for a feedback. It was super great because they liked it and they helped me to create it even better and much more polished. The day after, we discussed further steps and started to create something new. Something that's not supposed to learn you our framework, just let you know about its power and simplicity. Despite we are not marketers I hope this idea will spread and stick with developers and our community will get even bigger.

Moreover, we just finished the first series and we don't stop here. We would love to continue in creating more series focused on other great stuff like BusinessPack and Bootstrap for DotVVM. Don’t forget to follow our Youtube channel DotVVM.

Martin Bojnanský

Hello, I'm Martin, a Microsoft Student Partner in Czech and Slovak republic who found passion in software development. My primary field of focus is website development with ASP.NET and mobile application development with Universal Windows Platform and Xamarin.