Visual Studio 2017 and DotVVM 1.1 is here!

Published: 3/7/2017 4:00:00 PM

Microsoft launches Visual Studio 2017 today, with a lot of new features and final .NET Core support. We have several great announcements too.


DotVVM for Visual Studio 2017

DotVVM has been supported in pre-release versions of VS 2017 for quite a long time, and today we have released an updated version of DotVVM for Visual Studio to work with the final version of Visual Studio 2017.

Currently, it can be installed directly from the Visual Studio Marketplace and we’ve got rid of the annoying update window known from the previous versions. The extension will be updated using the standard Visual Studio mechanisms.

There are many stability and performance improvements, and we will be adding more and more features soon. Additionally, we are releasing an update for the VS 2015 version together with a new installer in a few days.

VS2017 Launch Partner Logo


DotVVM 1.1

We have just published a stable release of DotVVM 1.1 on NuGet. We had several RC versions of DotVVM 1.1 before to make sure it is stable enough.

We have done many improvements and introduced a lot of new features including a command-line tooling. We had to do some tiny breaking changes because of the support of ASP.NET Core, and we have tested the upgrade experience in many applications and without any problems.

If you still run on DotVVM 1.0.x, use the upgrade guide to update to the 1.1 version.




New Docs Site

We have done a lot of work on the documentation. Yesterday, we have published the new docs site. It is responsive, we have added many new pages and sections, and updated it to match DotVVM 1.1. There are still some work to do and we’ll appreciate any help with that.

If you find any issue in the docs, you can edit it on GitHub and send us a pull request. We’d love to hear a feedback from you.



Bootstrap for DotVVM 1.1

If you have purchased the Bootstrap for DotVVM, there is 1.1 version available too. There are no breaking changes, only a few bug fixes, and the upgrade is required if you use DotVVM 1.1 because of changes made in DotVVM Core library.

Bootstrap for DotVVM


DotVVM Academy

DotVVM Academy is not a really new thing, but it is a great site for the beginners. I’d like to send a big thanks to Vitaly Shvetsov who sent us a pull request with Russian translations. We are now working on the localization feature so hopefully, the DotVVM Academy will support multiple languages soon.

Lesson 1 at DotVVM Academy


DotVVM Business Pack Insider Program

We have announced the release of DotVVM Business Pack, our set of enterprise-ready controls for line of business sites, to the end of February. You can sign up to the Insider Program. We will be distributing the public beta in a few days.

The beta release will be free to use and if you provide us with useful feedback, you will obtain a license for the RTM product for free.


Commercial Support

If you consider to start a new project in DotVVM, we are happy to assist you with any issue you may run into. We offer a Service Agreement with guranteed response times, priority bug fixing and online/phone assitance with issues. The exact conditions vary on the size of your team, but we can provide a even for a small companies. Contact us with the info about your project and company and we’ll get back to you.

And of course you can contact us any time on our Gitter chat.


I’d like to thank you to all members of the DotVVM team, all contributors and people who started using DotVVM in production. We got a lot of great feedback and several people mentioned that DotVVM is much easier to use than Angular, React or other frameworks.

For DotVVM 1.2, we have a backlog full of new features, including REST API bindings, view model patching, double postback prevention and much more. You’ll see an alpha version of DotVVM 1.2 soon.

Tomáš Herceg

I am the CEO of RIGANTI, a small software development company located in Prague, Czech Republic.

I am Microsoft Most Valuable Professional and the founder of DotVVM project.